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When should I decant a wine?

Sometimes, when we open a bottle of wine we wonder whether we should decant it or not. Decanting is a process to physically separate mixtures.
At the beginning the decanters where used precisely to separate the solid materials any wine might have. However, it was later on discovered that with this process the wine also got bestowed with better aromas.

We might sometimes encounter people in favor of decanting wines to get a more expressive wine, while others will report that wines undergoing this process might gain or even lose qualities.
But, what should we do?
Unfortunately, there is no mathematical formula specifying what wines to decant. Some decanted wines will improve while others will lose some of their characteristics.
We might decide to decant a wine basically for two reasons: to separate the sediments in the wine or to air it in order to get a better wine. In the first case, we recommend leaving the wine in an upright position for a few hours before decanting it; in the second case, we must be aware that the final result is uncertain.

We might then decant any wine but one thing is clear, decanting a wine is not necessarily equivalent to an improved wine. As a personal recommendation our suggestion is to let the wine evolve in the glass even though it is a slower process.

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