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Marcos Eguren: lifetime achievement award
In the world of wine some people deserve a special respect. This is the case of Marcos Eguren figure head and oenologist of the Eguren group, that include brands such as Sierra Cantabria, San Vicente, La Nieta, Viñedos de Páganos, El Bosque or Amancio and until very recently the Numanthia and the Termanthia. Marcos is one the most renowned wine-producers in Spain. He belongs to the sixth generation of the Eguren family dedicating their life to wine. He studied enology between 1975 and 1978 at the Vid de la Casa de Campo School in Madrid. In 1980 after 3 years spent at different wining areas putting into practice his enology skills he went back to his hometown - San Vicente de la Sonsierra- to lead the family winery. At first he gave a boost to the carbonic maceration wines elaborated by the family and contributed to lay the foundations of a new Rioja avant-garde. Marcos Eguren is a modest man with clear ideas in mind. His philosophy emphasizes taking care of the vineyard up to the point of him defining himself as vine grower. Time has proved him right. This winemaker has been able to place six of his wines among the best valued wines according to the main critics and guides. Last April, Marcos got the “Lifetime achievement award” by the “Guía Gourmets 2011” at the XXV Salón Gourmets celebrated in Madrid. The “Guía Gourmets” grants this award due to his contribution to “his excellent wine making” respecting the land during his work of the Eguren family wineries in the D.O. Rioja, D.O. Toro and the wines of Castilla.
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