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Karlsson’s Gold
There are not many vodka producers nowadays using potato as raw material to make their vodkas. Cereals are then used instead since the cost in production is a lot inferior. As a result of using a lower quality raw material we have neutral spirits with little flavor. Willing to recover traditional methods, the most famous master distiller in Sweden and creator of the well known Absolut vodka -Börje Karlsson’s- decided after his retirement to take up an old recipe - not used any longer in his country - to make the best potato vodka in the world. For this reason, he chose the Cape Bjäre region known for producing the best new potato varieties in the whole country. After a careful selection, he chose seven different varieties to make his own new vodka. The high quality in the raw material together with the pure water and an only distillation in column to keep all the spirit and the essence of the new potato make Karlsson’s Gold a Premium vodka very different from the ones we are used to taste. Karlsson’s is an aromatic vodka in the nose where the floral and sweet hints highlight. It is warm, smooth, well balanced and long in the palate. Following the instructions of the producer we have tasted Karlsoon’s on the rocks with a touch of black pepper and we can assure you that we have not lived such an experience for a long time. Vodka lovers must taste it to discover that what you are given at discos is not even fit to tie your shoelaces.
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