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Bottle or “Bag in Box”?
Until very recently all wines packaged in “bag in box” were considered cheap wines with a poor quality. Even nowadays we prefer crystal bottles instead of cardboard boxes. “Bag in box” system has proved to be a good way to store a wine for a longer period of time and under perfect conditions since the air is not allowed to get in. Besides lower costs of production, they can be easily transported and the container provides the consumer with a larger area to fill with useful information. Some wineries have started using this way of packaging. Australia is nowadays one of the countries that prefer this system. A few weeks ago we found a high quality wine in “bag in box”.This is the reason why we wonder the following things: Is the packaging system changing? Will the “bag in box” system be more used than the traditional crystal bottle? At INVINIC we offer you some "Bag in Box" wine so that you can taste them. The winery Wineintube is specialized in this type of wine and it is having great acceptance.
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