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Fever Tree Mediterranean
Today we want to let you know something about the new Feve Tree Mediterranean. A tonic water that has been specifically designed in order to be combined with a quality vodka. Vodka will undoubtly become a fashionable spiritous. A wide range of Premium Vodkas have been released for sale recently and now also Fever Tree wants to make its humble contribution. In the last weeks this tonic water has got the attention of a large number of mixologists who were aware of the perfect combination of this tonic water with vodka. Fever Tree Mediterranean is made from natural quinine, with the best lemon oils from Sicilia; and it also includes thyme, rosemary, geranium and tangerine. In the nose it mixes citric aromas with thyme and rosemary. In the mouth it is soft with light acidity and herbal essences. The maker of this tonic water recommends to combine this product with vodka. We have followed his advice and we have mixed this tonic water with different types of premium vodka and the result has been outstanding.
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