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Wine and pizza pairing

Pizza becomes a usual resource for a dinner among friends, in order to watch a football match or when you are at home alone.
In most of this situations, we use to choose a beer or a Coke as a suitable pairing drink.
Due to its informal character and the constant image offered by the tv series, we tend to believe that pizza must be combined with informal beer or soft drinks, but now we want to rebel against that cliché.

Taking into account that in Italia pizza has a tradition of hundreds of years and that it is a region with a great wine making industry, we could guess that in ancient times people used to practise the art and pizza pairing.

For that reason, if we want to change the modern customs, we want to give you some advice in order to choose a suitable wine to pair with a pizza.

In general, the perfect idea is to choose fruity and young wines, but we also have to take into account the type of pizza we have chosen.

Therefore, if a pizza has plenty of tender flavours, cheese and light flavours, we can choose a white fresh wine, fruity and acid. If it is a Napolitana, the best wine would be a Chianti.

Finally, if the pizza offers more complex flavors -blue cheese and sausage- we can choose a woody wine.

Try and you will see how a pizza combined with a wine tastes better.

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