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Wine Therapy: a different way of enjoying wine
Holidays come and during these days we all try to find the perfect gift in order to surprise our loved ones. For this reason, today we will propose a unique experience focused on wine: the wine therapy. Until recently, we believed that we could only enjoy wine by drinking it. However, with the great growth of wine tourism we discover, day by day, that the possibilities to enjoy it are multiple. Today we propose the wine therapy, a practice born in Bordeaux thanks to Mathilde Cathiard and Bertrand Thomas, pioneers in applying the first treatments of this discipline. Experts assure that wine treatments prevent cell aging, promote microcirculation and even tone up muscles, exerting a rejuvenating effect and a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Taking into account the benefits that are attributed to wine therapy, health resorts and spas in several countries have included immediately this new therapy into their treatments. So, if you are thinking about living a different and healthy experience you can indulge yourself this Christmas a breakout in one of the many sites offered by this type of service.
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