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The origin of toast

The toast ritual takes place when, in a celebration, all guests clink the glasses together in order to express good wishes. We also call “toast” to the act of toasting and to the verbal expression that accompanies the drink at that time, usually as expression of good wishes or congratulations.

It is thought that the act of toasting was originated in the fourth century BC, but that it was performed for a reason that was quite different from today. In ancient Rome, in order to murder someone, the glasses were usually poisoned, thus the hosts –as a symbol of trust- crashed heavily the glasses with those of their guests, making the liquid pass from one glass to the other. Thus, it was clear that there had not been any poisoning at all, just as the two who had made the toast drank the same.

Another theory is that even in ancient Rome, it was said that all senses enjoy wine except the sense of hearing and, with the clash of glasses, this sense also participated in the joy of drinking.

The book International Handbook on Alcohol and Culture, said:
"(...) It is a social practice that probably dates back to ancient libations, sacrifices in which a sacred liquid was offered to the gods
(...) In exchange for a wish, making a plead which is summarized in the words "may it be for many years!" or "to your health !".".

Whatever may be the origin of toast, nowdays the meaning of toasting is to offer something in exchange for a wish.


From INVINIC want to wish you a Happy 2012 full of happiness ... and we hope do not miss a bit of wine!

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