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Tricks for wine preservation at home
If you are a wine lover and you have decided to create your own cellar at home it might be a good idea to bear some tricks in mind to preserve your treasures. In general, a wine should be kept ideally in a ventilated room with a constant temperature between 13ºC and 15 ºC and humidity between 60% and 70%. The room should not have rarefied odors or direct light. These conditions are hard to get if we do not have a room especially set up for these matters. Some of our advices for the correct preservation of wines are the following: - Find a fresh place – maybe a basement, a spot under the stairs or a piece of furniture where the temperature can be kept at 20ºC. The bottles should not be exposed at high temperatures such as stoves or heaters since they would spoil our wine. Please, never keep your wine in the kitchen. This is the worst place to keep a wine due to the high temperatures it might reach while cooking. - Bottles should be stored in a horizontal position so that the liquid is always in contact with the cork and it does not dry up. - It is important not to move them very much. - To avoid the direct light (both the sun rays and the artificial light) since it would undergo a chemical alteration affecting its quality. It is also important to highlight that not all wines should be stored for a long period of time. White wines, for instance, cannot be stored but the chardonnay aged in oak barrels can. Sparkling wines should not be stored since they can lose their pressure and bubble quality.
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