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Ferrer Bobet, the reward for a job well done
We would like to talk today about a project that due to rigorous work keeps gaining recognition year after year: Ferrer Bobet winery. Ferrer Bobet is one of the newest and most interesting projects in the Priorat area. In 2002 his prestigious partners – the businessman Sergi Ferrer Salat and the winemaker Raül Bobet - started working together in a 20 hectares vineyard of their own and keeping a very clear philosophy in mind: respecting the land and the vineyard by using organic vine growing techniques and state of the art installations to make a wine of the highest quality. From the very beginning they started harvesting by hand filling 10 kg boxes of grapes coming from terraced licorella soil. Grain by grain classification in a double sorting table and filling reservoirs by gravity, wooden fermentation and stainless steel tanks of 15 and 30 H to wine each plot independently, malolactic fermentation and aging in new French oak and second year barrels for 15 months. Finally, they also established bottling without clarification or filtration and undergoing an ageing process for a minimum of 11 months. The result of all this is a noble, juicy and complex wine, rich in minerals and aromas of ripe red fruit and elegant in the palate. With such a high quality no wonder Ferrer Bobet keeps receiving recognition. The last of these acknowledgements comes from Robert Parker who a few weeks ago awarded the Ferrer Bobert 2008 with 96 points and the Ferrer Bobet Selecció Especial 2008 with 97 points. A reward for a work well done. In INVINIC we would also like to congratulate Ferrer Bobet, not only for getting such good scores, but also because in spite of receiving so many acknowledgements, they have never changed their sales policy and keeps an affordable price. It is really nice to find a wine with such a good score at an affordable price!
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