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Saffron Gin, the orange gin
Saffron Gin is a French origin gin made by Gabriel Boudier distillery founded in Dijon in 1874. This spirit started to be produced in 2006 after a XIX century recipe. This gin is crafted following the traditional distillation methods. After the distillation process an infusion is made during 48 hours with the ingredient after which this gin gets its name. Saffron provides this gin not only of a different colour but also of special aroma and flavour. Seven botanicals also did their part: juniper, lemon and orange peel, angelica, coriander, fennel and iris root. At very first sight we are surprised by its orange colour but later on we are also amazed by the juniper and citrus aromas in nose and by the spicy and fennel hints we perceive in the palate. We can certainly get a unique and colourful Gin & Tonic.
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