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5 iPhone apps for wine lovers

As you might already know there is a whole range of iPhone apps available at a great variety of prices. If you already have an iPhone, you are a wine lover and a technology passionate you might be interested in some wine related applications.

Here are our 5 favorite suggestions we hope you love:
1. Hello vino (free), your personal “sommelier” will help you choose the best wine for that special moment by just answering a few questions
2. Snooth Wine Pro (3.99€) to find any wine by just taking a picture of the bottle label
3. Cor. Kz (2.99€) is considered one of the best apps by the Fast Company. It counts with a data base of 935,000 different wines
4. Drync Wine Pro (3.99€) to find the most popular wines and different wine reviews
5. Wine notes (free) is the perfect tool to write down your own experiences after tasting a wine and organize your sensations

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