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Recaredo Aloers 2010: the first Penedés wine certified with the Demeter Biodynamic Farming
The Aloers 2010 is the first Penedés Denomination of Origin wine certified with the prestigious Demeter Biodynamic Farming, including it as a Green wine. It is elaborated with the Xarel.lo (65%), Macabeo (24%) and Parellada (11%) grape varieties coming exclusively from the vineyards owned by Recaredo and located in the Alt Penedés area. During the Middle Ages, those farmers owning the lands they were farming were known as “Aloers”. This term refers therefore to the union between the man and his land. All the vineyards have been farmed following the Ecological and Biodynamic Farming standards and as such they are registered in the "Consell Català de la Producció Agrària Ecològica" and the German Demeter International certification. With the Aloers it is intended to provide a fresh and genuine expression or our Mediterranean grape varieties growing in calcareous soils. The aim is a lively and long lasting wine. This is the reason why all the work is done keeping a low production in the vineyards and watching the ripeness so that the natural and fresh acidity is kept. Maceration on its lees during two months come next. This wine might show entirely natural sediments. Details of Cavas Recaredo: The viticulture takes place 46 Ha. of our own vineyards working with the vines, acting only when necessary and seeking to ensure the natural balance of the vine, aiming to respect it as far as possible to achieve the best expression of every individual vintage. Therefore, viticulture is based solely on dry farming, we harvest the grapes only by hand and make completely dry cavas The prority is the respect for biodiversity and the environment: vines are cultivated without using herbicides or insecticides and only employ natural organic fertilisers. At Recaredo, growing vines requires paying close attention to the sky, the earth and the plant. This will allow to harvest grapes that can really express themselves.
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