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Benromach Capellanes Picón Wood Finish, a whisky blended in wine barrels
We would like to talk today about an unusual whisky resulting from the collaboration between the Scottish distillery Benromach and the winery Pago de los Capellanes from the Spanish Ribera del Duero area. Benromach is a distillery located in Speyside – Scotland- owned by Gordon & MacPhail. It is considered as one of the points of reference in malt whisky quality in the world. On the other hand, Pago de los Capellanes is a winery located in the Ribera del Duero area. This area is widely known for its wine quality. Of the wines in the area, we can highlight the Picón among others which is a valuable wine coming from only 2 hectares ending in a town named Pico, hence its name. The result of this collaboration is a unique whisky, the Benromach Capellanes Picón Wood Finish, aged during five years in Cherry and Bourbon casks and later on blended for 24 months in French oak casks already used in the ageing of the Picón wine – a complex and highly expressive wine. Using this kind of cask provide this whisky with subtle wine and cane sweet hints over a ripe fruit background elegantly complementing the smoky and fresh mint hints of the Benromach. The result is an elegant, fragrant, complex and fresh malt with sweet, smoky, balsamic, creamy and fruity notes. It is worth mentioning that of all the special series of Benromach, the “Wood Finish” stands out due to the fact that they are whiskies aged during many months – even years - until achieving the best possible harmony between the whisky and the wooden cask.
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