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Fever Tree Premium Lemon
Not long ago we have been talking about the addition of the Fever Tree Mediterranean to the range of products of the Premium Natural Mixer of Fever Tree, and today, just a few weeks afterwards, we must talk about another brand new incorporation: Fever Tree Premium Lemon. The new brand Fever Tree Premium Lemon has been created by Ferràn Adrià and his team, and it follows the line traced by the other varieties of Fever Tree: it always maintains the natural character of the product without adding any type of colouring agents, preservatives or artificial flavours. On this occasion, lemons are the main ingredients and the place of origin chosen has been Sicily. It is simple to observe this natural feature in the lemon particles in suspension and the ring of essential oil that is formed in the bottleneck when it has remained idle for a while. For this reason it is necessary to give it a spin before serving. Once opened, you can appreciate the intense aroma of the lemon peel and it results in a refreshing drink and highly recommended for mixing with vodkas, gins or rums.
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