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One glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away?
On many occasions we have heard that a glass of wine a day is healthy. But is it true, or is it simply an excuse used by wine lovers? In a recent study made by the Harvard Medical School and the National Institute on Aging, it was shown that a moderate red wine consumption has indeed benefits. The maximum recommended dose is two glasses for men and one for women. The most important thing is that the consumption must be regular in order to benefit from the following effects: 1. Decreasing in coronary and arterial diseases. 2. Prevention of bone loss. 3. Prevention of premature ageing of cells. 4. Tonification and digestion aiding. Diabetics can also consume wine, although it is important for them to read the wine label in order to know the percentage of sugar in the wine. Thus, a glass of wine a day is healthy but it should be stressed that a moderate consumption is the key to such beneficial results.
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