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Essence Of Ysios Alexandre Schmitt
You can now find Esencia Ysios Alexandre Schmitt 2007. The fabulous aroma in Ysios Reserva is the result of an introspective journey through each of the smell molecules found in different wines of the brand. Developed by its winemaker, Luis Zudaire, together with the prestigious perfumer Alexandre Schmitt the result is an exclusive limited edition of 2,000 bottles sold at Bodega Ysios Laguardia and specialty stores. Ageing mainly in French oak. Alexandre Schmitt - currently a wine consultant and probably the best olfactory analyst of all time being able to identify 1500 different aromas - has applied the same techniques as during his career as a perfumer to create Ysios 2007. This technique has enabled him to find the balance between different styles of Ysios and highlight the properties of fruits such as the raspberry, coming from the so characteristic in Ysios wines frambiona molecule, which bestows its modern elegance. For Schmitt the best wine is not the one with abundant aromas, but the one with all the aromas in harmony enhancing thus the properties of the rest of the components. With this idea in mind he developed during this year a thorough analysis of each of Ysios wines, directed by the renowned winemaker Luis Zudaire. Both professionals tasted several times each of the wines to study the evolution of their aromas and identify thus each aromatic family (spices, resins, buttery, balm, etc) and each molecule, with the help of wine essence sets and tester strips. The result of this whole project is Esencia de Ysios, a special edition of 2,000 bottles of excellent complex and elegant wine characterised by an attractive red cherry colour, predominantly fruity with a roasted mineral background. In the palate it is structured, meaty and powerful, but smooth and persistent at the same time.
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