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Brockman's Gin
We would like to talk today about a very particular and daring gin that can be very recently found in our country: the Brockman's. Brockman's is born out of five friends’ passion for gin and out of their admiration towards diversity and ground breaking aromas. Out of this love, they set the target of creating a gin capable of changing the traditional perception of gin. As one of the creators states: “We have focused on creating a gin that we would like to taste either neat or on the rocks. Our goal was to create a soft but intense flavor that could be mixed with a wide range of drinks, not just tonic water”. Brockman's gin is the result of a quadruple distillation and it stands out for its softness and elegance. It is elaborated with ten botanicals among which we can highlight the coriander from Bulgaria, the skin of Valencia oranges and forest berries such as blueberries and blackberries. It shows a sweet and soft entry in the palate and marked red fruit aromas. Brockman's proposes a brand new concept capable of surprising any gin lover.
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