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Britvic, a new tonic water in Spain
For a few weeks now we can find a new English tonic water in the Spanish market: the Britvic. During the last years we have seen a massive introduction of Premium gins. Now it is the turn of the tonic water. This is the case of Britvic, seeking to fill a niche in the market. Britvic is originated in “The British Vitamin Products Company” a company that used to produce vitamins, hence its name. Britvic is currently the most prestigious and one of the best selling brands of tonic waters in the UK. During our first tastings we have seen it is a strongly carbonated tonic water even if the effervescence is not very long. This easy to drink tonic water is sweet and with citrus fruits flavors. It might be the perfect tonic water for those not very keen on the bitter flavors so present in most tonic waters.
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