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Will there be wineries at the bottom of the sea?
Some wines reached the bottom of the sea due to a shipwreck, but for some time, it can also be the result of experimentation. Months ago we have heard of a Basque company (Bajoelagua Factory) which had an underwater laboratory for wine aging. Those in charge of the project recognized that the project had a lot of experience and also that it was a distinct initiative as a good marketing support for the product. The project was located near the Biscayan beach of Plentzia with the possibility to dip more than 40,000 bottles to 15 meters of depth (49 feet). Once the bottles were submerged all kinds of sensors measured all the parameters that can affect the wine during its stay under the water. At the time, as it usually happens with these things, there was a lot of talk about the project but, what do you think about this type of aging? Do you think that in the future there will appear more warehouses of this kind in our country?
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