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Why El Coto Rosé is the perfect summer wine
El Coto de Rioja is one of the world's favourite Spanish wine brands. From a base in the Rioja Alta region, El Coto produces an astonishing amount of wine, most of it red. If you're looking for a good value Rioja, El Coto will usually fit the bill. They also make the overperforming Coto de Imaz Rioja. We're not interested in red wine right now, though. Summer's in the air, and it's time to pick out a go-to wine for long hot days, BBQs and dining al fresco... Say hello to El Coto Rosé!  

Introducing El Coto Rosé: The perfect summer wine

Rioja talk is dominated by red wine, although Rioja Blanco is pretty trendy too. Far less talked about is rosé wine from Rioja. This is a shame, but it's an easy fix. Summer's here and that's as good a reason as any to discover pink Rioja. El Coto Rosé 2016 is a great example and is just about perfect as a no-nonsense summer wine. A rather classic blend of Tempranillo and Grenache (or "Garnacha", to give it the local twist), El Coto's Rioja rosé is a glassful of sunshine, and it'll cost you less than €5 a bottle. Keep a case or two of El Coto rosé on hand this summer and you'll always have a suitable bottle to welcome guests or enjoy a leisurely lunch. Don't let its price point fool you, though: This is a pretty serious wine, too.  

El Coto Rosé 2016: Some technical stuff

We've got summer on our minds, so let's not get too bogged down in the detail. Here are a few technical tidbits that might just come in handy if you find yourself at a loss for words at a family barbeque.
  • The grapes for the El Coto rosé are sourced from two distinct vineyard areas. The Tempranillo is grown in the Rioja Alavesa region, while the Garnacha grapes come from the El Coto vineyard in Ausejo.
  • The El Coto technical team use a combination of two distinct rosé winemaking techniques.
  • Everything in the winery is down at low temperatures in order to preserve the inherent fresh fruit aromas and flavours of the wine.
That's the awkward small-talk with your brother-in-law out of the way. Let's get on to the fun stuff: Tasting the wine!  

Tasting El Coto Rosé 2016

Still not convinced that you need El Coto rosé in your life? Not enough for you that it comes from one of Rioja's most famous producers, it's a stone cold bargain, and it's seriously well-made? OK, let's open a bottle and see what it tastes like.
  • Sight:

    Well, it's pink. No surprise there. It's quite a pale pink, telling of the dual winemaking methods used.
  • Smell:

    Mmmm. It smells like summer. Think strawberries - fresh market strawberries. A little bit of sweetness too, a bit like caramel.
  • Taste:

    Fruity, clean and refreshing. You've got strawberry and some other red summer fruits zipping around, with the faintest hint of sweetness. Above all else, it's thirst-quenching and easy to drink. Well-chilled, this is exactly what you want for an outdoor picnic or lazy day at the beach.
Alcohol content: 13%
Serve between 2ºC and 5ºC
Optimal consumption period: 2016-2017
Best served in Riesling Glass
Pairing: Eggs, Omelets, Pasta, Rice Dishes, Roasts, Semi-mature Cheese, Soft Cheese, Soups and Creams, Whitefish.
Buy El Coto Rosé 2016 here.
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