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When should you buy wine glasses in bulk?
Most people have some wine glasses at home. Maybe you’re an oenophile with an immaculate collection of Riedel wine glasses, or a beginner with a couple of cheap supermarket glasses gathering dust in a cupboard. Either way, most people have at least a few glasses. Most domestic wine drinking occasions are rather small and intimate, and there’s no need for wine glasses in bulk: Unless you’re running a Michelin star restaurant from your kitchen, you probably don’t regularly need tens, hundreds or thousands of wine glasses on hand. There are, however, a few occasions where it may be beneficial to buy, or keep a stock of wine glasses in bulk. If anything below sounds familiar, then it might be time to stock up!  

Why should you have wine glasses in bulk?

Here we’ll outline some of the main occasions that may call for you to have lots of wine glasses to hand. You could buy these either online or in person, at a bricks-and-mortar store. If quality is a concern, look for well-established and reputable wine glass brands. If not, or your are on a budget, you may find discount stores or supermarkets selling something adequate. So, you should probably think about stocking up on wine glasses in bulk if:
  • You regularly host large groups of people for social gatherings at home. This one may seem like a no-brainer, but obviously if you have large groups of wine-drinking adults attending your parties, it stands to reason that you will need a relatively large reserve of wine glasses too! Not everyone is the Great Gatsby, but if you’re the sort of host that tends to have lengthy guest lists, it’s virtually mandatory to have a lot of wine glasses.
  • You’re very interested in food and wine pairings and hosting wine dinners at home. Hosting a truly successful wine dinner at home involves you creating a relaxed atmosphere where your guests can appreciate all the sensory aspects of the food and wine. This may sound airy-fairy, but in very practical terms it means that you’ll need more wine glasses. Let’s say that you’re laying on a three-course wine dinner. Conservatively, you should offer at least one wine with each course - and probably an aperitif beforehand and a digestif afterwards. Each individual wine should have its own wine glass, as your guests may want to try different pairings or return to a wine later in the meal. In this scenario, the quality of the glass will be important so be sure to keep that in mind.
  • You’re hosting a once-off event at home with a lot of people. This could be a wedding, anniversary, birthday, new year’s party - whatever. Here, the name of the game is quantity and your guests are probably not going to mind so much if the wine glass isn’t sommelier-approved. Besides, at such parties breakages are all but guaranteed. Buying wine glasses in bulk here is an option, though if it really is a one-off event and you don’t plan on doing another one anytime soon, you could think about getting creative: Your local wine store, hotel or restaurant may be able to loan you some of their bulk wine glasses for a nominal fee. This is only really recommended when the quality of the glass is not important, but it’s a viable option!

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