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What the bloody hell is Six O’Clock Gin?
Have you heard of Six O’Clock Gin yet? Gin is one of the world’s trendiest spirits these days, and English gin is particularly in fashion. Some of the best gins are handcrafted by small, artisanal companies, which are often family-run affairs. This is the case with Six O’Clock Gin, produced by British family company Bramley & Gage. If you haven’t tried this stuff already, you’re gonna want to start paying attention!  

What is Six O’Clock Gin?

Six O’Clock Gin is an award-winning English gin produced by Bramley & Gage in Gloucestershire. The gin hit the market in 2010, though its origins go further back. The Six O’Clock Gin recipe is in fact adapted from an old recipe developed by the company’s Master Distiller, Edward Kain. Since 2010, Six O’Clock Gin has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the UK’s top gins.  

How is Six O’Clock Gin made?

Naturally, exact recipes and methods are kept under wraps in the competitive craft gin industry. We do know that Six O’Clock Gin is produced using a customised copper still with a double sphere head. The gin uses a mixture of botanicals, with juniper the most prominent. Besides juniper, you’ve also got coriander, orange peel and elderflower, among others.  

What does Six O’Clock Gin taste like?

In a word: Smooth! This is a seriously smooth and elegant gin, with a very clean flavour profile. The botanicals contribute to the flavour, with juniper coming to the forefront, though it in a very subtle and refined way. Neither the botanicals nor the 43% alcohol overpower the tasting experience. Gin lovers will find a lot to like here, and even Gin newbies will appreciate the accessible, easy-drinking style.  

How should you drink Six O’Clock Gin?

As with anything when it comes to booze, that’s up to you. If you want to drink your Six O’Clock Gin straight, go right ahead. If ice is your thing, throw a few cubes in there. Make whatever cocktails you like. We won’t stop you. If you’re looking for a recommendation, though…  

The Six O’Clock Gin & Tonic

There’s nothing quite like a G&T. It’s a classic, simple and timeless drink, but it all comes down to the quality of your ingredients. Six O’Clock Gin is a great gin, so there’s no sense in serving with any old tonic water. Luckily, you don’t have to. The team at Bramley & Gage are just as enthusiastic about tonic as they are about gin, so they’ve got us covered.
  • Six O’Clock Tonic Water is made from natural ingredients including quinine and lemon and lime extracts. You won’t find any artificial ingredients or sweeteners in here. It’s all natural.
  It should be no surprise that Six O’Clock Tonic Water is the perfect match with Six O’Clock Gin - they’re quite literally made for each other! For a perfect G&T, these are the only two ingredients you’ll need. Cheers! Buy Six O’Clock Gin here. Buy Six O’Clock Tonic Water here. Want to find out more about gin? Download our free ebook, The Gin Guide!  

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