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Three good reasons to drink non alcoholic wine - honestly!
As a wine lover, it can be difficult to understand why anybody doesn’t drink wine. We’ve all got a friend or family member (or often more than one) that regularly trashes the very idea of wine: “It all tastes the same!”, “It’s too expensive!” or “It’s too pretentious!” are some of the cries that you can hear surprisingly often. Some say that wine gives them headaches or very bad hangovers, and as such they only drink a certain spirit or beer. Whether these people are right or wrong, and whether the reasons are legitimate or not, there are many reasons that a person may not want to drink wine. To each their own, everybody’s tastes are different, and adults can choose which - if any - alcoholic beverages they like to drink. For those that don’t drink wine because they don’t drink alcohol, there is always the option of non alcoholic wine. We will look at the reasons why these people, and others, may drink non alcoholic wine.  

What is non alcoholic wine?

You could jokingly say that grape juice is non alcoholic wine, but in truth there’s a little more to it than that. Non alcoholic wine is a distinct (though small) category of beverage unto itself, with major players including ARIEL Vineyards and even Spain’s very own Miguel Torres. In plain language, non alcoholic wine is wine that has had its alcohol removed. It is sometimes known as de-alcoholised wine. Without getting into too much technical detail, non alcoholic wine starts its life as a grape, which is harvested and fermented as normal, after which time it has the alcohol removed.  

Why should you drink non alcoholic wine?

There are a number of reasons why somebody might drink non alcoholic wine, and we’ll look at them here.
  • If you don’t drink alcohol, non alcoholic wine can offer you some insight into what the world of wine is all about for those that are curious. Wine is a fascinating and complex subject that spans geography, history, art, science and more. Just because a person doesn’t drink alcohol, it doesn’t mean that they should miss out on the beautiful world of wine. There is a lot to enjoy about wine without ever drinking it, but to drink non alcoholic wine will at least give you an idea of what the finished product is all about.
  • If you’re the designated driver, why not pick up a non alcoholic wine? Picture this: You’re at a dinner party and your friends and family are drinking delicious Rioja. You’re the designated driver, you are providing a vital service and doing everyone else a favour, so why should you have to drink sugar-laden soda or whatever happens to be on offer? Non alcoholic wine in this case is a good compromise!
  • You’ve got work in the morning, or for whatever reason you can’t afford to have a hangover or any of the associated effects of alcohol consumption. Non alcoholic wine is not bad when it comes to food and wine pairing, so it’s almost as good as the real thing!

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