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The World of Wine of

All of us who are wine lovers always need to have the latest information about our passion.
This is the aim of one of too many posts about the world of wine. Not only do we want to talk about brands but also about different experiences, gastronomy, tourism and a lot more.
We do not wish to mention just the Spanish ones –considered among the best ones- but all the wines all over the world. We wish to let you know the different traditions, cultures, pieces of advice and differences among the different wines in the world. We have the intention that if you are travelling either in Spain or abroad you know the main characteristics of each place and know what wine to order in accordance to the gastronomy and area you are visiting.
And not only will we be talking about wines, we will also keep you updated about caves, champagnes and gins – our latest business trends.
Would you like to join us in this oenological trip we are about to begin?

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