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The wine journey: Raül Bobet
“Wine trends are changing. The style and balance are back to stay over the large extractions and over-ripeness”. This is just one of the most shocking and indisputable affirmations Raül Bobet pronounced yesterday May 16th during his own wines tasting at the event organized by Torres Winery at the Hotel Palace in Barcelona. Having the majestic Raül Bobet right in front of you puts everyone in his place. His own presence proves that with great humbleness you can succeed in the wine world. During his presentation, the concept of “balance” was constantly repeated. Like his own wines, Raül embodies stability, common sense, honesty and professionalism. During this superb event organized by Torres Winery, we were honored to taste: Fransola 2009 Fransola 2004 Milmanda 2008 Milmanda 2003 Milmanda 1997 Mas la Plana 2007 Mas la Plana 1989 Mas la Plana 1976 - Black Label Reserva Real 2007 Reserva Real 1998 Grans Muralles 2006 Grans Muralles 1996 All of them were exceptional wines and we were surprised to check the amazing longevity of these wines. I was especially surprised by the silky and intense Milmanda 2003 and by the great Milmanda 1997 with a long life ahead but with a mineral look. In second place, Fransola 2009, vivid and fresh, intense and with the perfect ripening –we might be able to drink it during 20 years more- or the Fransola 2004 more oily and stout but not as long-lived. The Reserva Real 1998 shows vegetable hints and less tamed tannins. It is an authentic wine that might even be compared to the great Bordeaux. And last but not least, the Mas la Plana 1976 has proved itself as the great promise of the day. It is a stylish, intense, with iodine hints of a great Islay- an amazing wine indeed. We witnessed great wines that should not envy any of the best wines in the world. We will finally quote Raül’s philosophy: “tasting a wine is a journey to a beautiful landscape”. I believe his words represent an important value. By preserving the authenticity and the identity of each area we will be able to identify the qualities – good or bad- and diversity of wines. We would finally like to thank Raül and the Torres Family for giving us this great opportunity of sharing with them a superb evening.
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