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The wine and the people
Wine is like people, or people are like wine. The two are living beings, both are born in a particular place, grow up, and mature gradually, learning something new every day that makes them better. We all behave in a certain way, we have traits that are innate, we have them since we are born, these are the primary aromas of wines, which speak of the grape, the fruit, ... But there are other features that make up our character, those acquired over time. These characteristics would be the tertiary aromas, those come from ageing and are usually the aromas and flavors provided by the wood barrel, such as coconut, vanilla, toffee, ... People, such as grapes, have a skin that surrounds and protects, it is not always the same color or has the same thickness, just like grapes which, depending on the variety, produce wines with certain characteristics, there are those smoother, fresher, with more body, ... The wine begins in the vineyard. Good wine comes directly from the Earth, from the soil and from a climate that varies from one year to another, because it not always rains the same, nor feels the same heat nor the same sunny days. Like people, that grow and learn, the surrounding context has a decisive influence in our way of living and looking at life. Not better nor worse than the way others look at life. Just like wine, elaborated by men and women, it reflects the frame of mind of a people, of the people making it, but is actually universal, because wine does not understand borders, because wine, like people, speaks only the language of respect, the joy of living and sharing what we love, and that makes us feel good. CHEERS!
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