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The Eguren Riojas
The wine cellar Sierra Cantabria has a reason to celebrate, because of the prestige-like wine connoisseur Robert Parker has selected the 100 best Rioja, and in this list there are seven wines of the cellar Sierra Cantabria: Here the point reviews: Amancio 2010, 96 points El Bosque 2010, 95 points Amancio 2008, 95 points Amanacio 2009, 94 points El Bosque 2011. 94 points El Bosque 2009, 93 points Rioja Colección Privada 2010, 92 points List of the 100 best Rioja The wine cellar Sierra Cantabria symbolizes the beginning of a successful path, started by the family six generations ago. Since 1870 the family is devoted to the vine but it was not until 1957 when they began marketing their own production, bottled under the brand Sierra Cantabria and produced through carbonic maceration.   Located in the town of San Vicente de Sonsierra, in the Ebro Valley, sheltered by the sierra whose name it bears and amid a soft and undulating landscape, this location enjoys a microclimate that protects the vines from the icy winds from the North. The fields are South-West oriented to maximize the daylight hours and guarantee an optimum ripening of the grapes. The production of the winery consists of a classic range of wines, "Sierra Cantabria", supplemented with another selection, considered the "new classic Rioja", under the name "Viñedos Sierra Cantabria" that include Sierra Cantabria Private Collection, Sierra Cantabria Cuvée, Sierra Cantabria Organza, El Bosque and Amancio. For the family, some of the keys to success are treating the vine with care and employing and eco-friendly, traditional viticulture along with modern techniques. The harvest is carried out manually, paying special attention to the selection and the ripening point of the crops.   The winery owns 90 hectares of vines, mostly Tempranillo, with an average age of 35, but also some of them of up to 70 years. The plots are: El Bosque, La Veguilla, La Llana, Los Terreros and Jarate, with a special mention to La Veguilla, where the renowned Amancio is born, a field of 10 hectares of Tempranillo with a small proportion of Viura and Malvasía.   The Eguren brothers are a synonym for excellent wines that you sure do not want to miss.     [Photo 1: La Veguilla] [Photo 2: San Vicente de Sonsierra] [Foto 3: El Bosque] [Photo from:]
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