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Spain’s Answer to Cupcake Wine
You may have heard of Cupcake Wine. It’s a brand with a certain appeal, but if you regularly drink their wine, you may wonder if you can get the same or better flavours elsewhere. You might even find those alluring notes less expensive somewhere else too. Well, Spain is such a diverse wine region that we think we can find you the same taste, and at a more reasonable price.  

The Competition for Cupcake Wine

Each of the subtitles below refer to a style that the American brand sells, but, we also suggest a Spanish alternative. After all, you want to drink a kind of flavour rather than a name.   A Bottle with Strong Red Fruit Flavours

Viña Real Reserva

This bottle has raspberries in abundance. Also expect cherries, and other velvety red fruit flavours. Because of the long finish, you can expect to taste lovely red fruit flavours for some time after gulping.The Wine Spectator gave it 92 points, with 91 from Guía Peñin.   A Red with Flavours of Dark Fruits

Juan Gil 12 Meses

The perfect combination of old vines, low yields and a hot, dry climate has created a powerhouse of a Monastrell. It has huge dark fruit flavours! Expect blackberries on the palate, with a very pleasing toasty nose. It won 92 points from Guía Peñin, proving its quality.   An Excellent Merlot

Solergibert Merlot Reserve

Spain can make its own Merlot by the sea. To taste, it has big ripe fruit flavours of plums, and the refreshing off medium sweetness that comes with Merlot. This complex wine gives you a lot to discern, including tobacco.   An Luxuriantly Fruity Chardonnay

Augustus Chardonnay

This wine has some really quite exceptional fruit flavours. Expect tropical fruits as well as lemon, with some nutty flavours from its oaking. With 90 points from Guía Peñin, it puts other Chardonnays in the shade.   A Zesty Sauvignon Blanc

Marqués de Riscal Sauvignon Blanc

This has all of the long, limy flavours that you’d expect of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. It was also given cold fermentation on its lees for a greater body, and it has lots of green, grassy aromas. No wonder Guía Peñin gave it 90 points.   A Sparkling Red

Elyssia Pinot Noir

This modern version of Cava also has red cherry flavours like its American rival. But this wine also has 85 points from the Wine Spectator, and 88 from Guía Peñin. That might be because of its very long aftertaste, and beautifully balanced profile.   A Sweet Sparkling Muscat

MdO Moscato de Ochoa

This is a Spanish version of Asti. For a better price, you get an aromatic wine, with very fine bubbles. Guía Peñin gave it 87 points. You can be sure that you’re buying a quality wine which rightly boasts of being as good as any from Italy.   A Fruity, White Sparkling Wine

Mont-Ferranr Berta Bouzy

This Cava is voluminous with fruity flavours. Being excellently balanced, it has no fewer than 8 wine awards to its name, and it Guía Peñin scored it 91 points. It has also spent a little time ageing in an oak barrel which gives it some delicate vanilla aromas.  

Whatever Style You’re Looking for, Spain Has it

There has been a wonderful proliferation of different wine styles across Spain. With so many different microclimates and varieties, we’ve even put together a list of ‘5 Wines to Try Instead of Australian White Wine’. Of course, another benefit of choosing our wines over Cupcake Wine, is that we have much more flexible shipping, with a far greater range to choose from. You really don’t have to limit yourself to just the same few bottles.  

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