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Size does matter
Sure you have already noticed that oenologists are recently recommending the “Magnum” format – 1.5 liters bottles – over the standard 75 cl. In INVINIC we wish to present you with the main reasons for purchasing this size. The Magnum is the ideal format to preserve long-stored wines. In the first place, it is believed to favor a more expressive wine. Since there is less oxygen in relation with the quantity of liquid, the evolution process of the wine together with the nasal and tasting characteristics improve. This way if there is a larger quantity of liquid, the chances of an altered wine due to thermal conditions diminish. Taking into account that it guarantees a long lived wine it seems the most adequate size if you wish to invest in a cellar. Magnum format crianza, reserve and grand reserve wines usually get better scores. If all the experts confirm the Magnum as the best conserved, the best ageing in bottle and the longest life then, why is it not widely known? Why don’t we get it recommended at restaurants? It seems we still have a long way to go and all of us can help enhance the Magnum virtues.
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