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Robert Parker visits the restaurant Rekondo
    The Spanish Cuisine has been booming for a few years and now recently the Spanish restaurant El Celler de Can Roca was voted the best in the world. However, there are countless places where you can try delicious dishes and great wines. One of them is restaurant Rekondo in San Sebastian (Spain), included on Robert Parker’s journal review and which we summarize below:  

The Fantastic Eatery of Rekondo San Sebastian

It is a small restaurant located 10 minutes from the region’s capital, San Sebastián. Over the years, it has been run by the Rekondo family and its value is precisely that: tradition and loyalty to Basque food. For the occasion, the menu included fish soup, squid in black ink, fresh hake in Basque-style sauce and roasted pork, all served in a lovely environment: on the terrace at sunset, surrounded by the area’s lush forests. What’s more, this gem of a restaurant has a wine cellar with more than 13,000 bottles, and the Wine Spectator awarded it the designation of one of the top 5 cellars in the world. Among this wide variety, Parker and his wife were offered a red wine from the year of their birth, Viña Real Rioja 1947, and a Txakoli Etxaniz de Guetaria 2011. Parker lauds the first as a really quite spectacular wine, and the best he had tested in the last 6 months. As for the Txacolí, the local White wine, he highlighted its perfect pairing with the local seafood. Also he noted its resemblance with the French Muscadet and Portugal’s Vinho Verde, with floral and grapefruit scents as well as a lower alcohol content.

The scores given:

1947 CVNE Viña Real Rioja 95 2011 Txakoli Etxainz 90 Here at INVINIC, we think the Rekondo family deserves to be congratulated for their outstanding performance along the years. Of course congratulations are especially in order, to all lovers of Spanish Cuisine - once more at the top.
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