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Premium Tonic Water Touches the Spots Other Brands Cannot
There’s nothing quite like the taste of gin and tonic. It’s an example of where the profile of one drink marries perfectly with the flavours of another at a molecular level to create a totally new taste that’s far better than either of the two alone. Right now, there are many distillers creating unique, premium gins. So to make the best combination, there are also a range of premium tonic waters which slake Europe’s thirst for the perfect G&T.

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Premium Tonic Water Gets All Sciency

As reported in this article, the match is so good because of the quinine in the tonic water, and the juniper in the gin. Because the molecules are so similar, the particles are drawn to each other while in the drink, which creates the pleasing flavour effect. So make sure your gin’s list of botanicals includes juniper, and your tonic’s the real deal with quinine.  

A Modern Taste with a Troubled History

Today, you can drink gin and tonic with a clear conscience. (Phew). But the reason for its popularity is tightly bound with Britain’s colonial foray into India. Tonic water protected the Empire’s troops from malaria. Of course, adding gin was for fun, but with so many thousands of Britons having served in the military, the popular taste was established for gin and tonic.  

It’s Tough Tasting G&Ts But Someone’s Got to Do It

Here’s a really good way to see the difference that a premium tonic water makes. Make yourself two gin and tonics - one with Indian Fever Tree tonic water, and the other with Schweppes. The former will have a much softer flavour. Also, it will taste more citrusy, but not overpoweringly so. Altogether it’ll be somewhat more satisfying - pleasingly perfect. By comparison, Schweppes will miss the mark. It’s a bit like the difference between hearing your favourite song on low volume and hearing it full blast. If you’re really serious about finding the best tonic for your taste, our advice is for you to try different tonic waters blindfolded. You might surprise yourself with what you actually like. As it happens, at INVINIC we prefer Indian Fever Tree.  

The Variety Available Today

Nowadays there are many options each satisfying a slightly different market segment: some have quinine from Rwanda, or from Peru, and even the Congo. Tonic water can be ‘of natural origin’, and its botanicals can even be ‘handpicked’.  

Taking Your Gin and Tonic ‘With a Pinch of Salt’

While brands are bound to present their offerings as unique options, it’s best for the gin aficionado to sort through the marketing waffle. Is one type of quinine really more ‘natural’ than another? Isn’t all quinine natural since it comes from a tree bark? Regarding handpicking, what does that mean exactly? Are there really terrifying, gin crazed robots ranging the Peruvian hillsides, vacuuming up quinine? Even with premium versions, tonic water is still made with water, carbon dioxide, natural flavors, citrus, sweetener and quinine. In good part, great tonic water is worth buying because of the purity of its ingredients, but even so, the success of an excellent G&T is down to combining the ingredients in just the right proportions. That’s why it’s still so important to know the exact combination that you like. At INVINIC we have the following premium tonics available: 6 Six O'clock Tonic Water, Boylan Tonic, Britvic Indian Tonic Water, Fentimans Tonic Water, Indian Fever Tree, Q Tonic.  

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