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Pinot Meow: 3 reasons to buy wine for your pet
Have you heard of Pinot Meow, the wine for cats? It may sound crazy, but cat wine is real - and surprisingly popular! Unlike the grape wine industry, there is really just one major player in the cat wine world: Apollo Peak. For those you that haven’t heard of Pinot Meow and the other pet wines on offer, read on to find out everything you need to know - and 3 reasons that you should buy wine for your cat!

Pinot Meow...seriously?

We’ve heard of Pinot Noir, but Pinot Meow? Yes. Of course, there’s no alcohol in this cat wine. The special ingredient is catnip, which can have a surprisingly (and hilariously) intoxicating effect on your cute little kitten! Colorado-based Apollo Peak, the world’s leading producer of wine for your pet, has a whole range of special “wine” for your four-legged friend to enjoy, including:
  • The Pinot Meow, the cat equivalent of Pinot Noir;
  • The Moscato, your kitty’s answer to Muscat;
  • The White Kittendel, a rosé wine for cats, and;
  • The Catbernet, the closest your cat’ll get to a Cabernet Sauvignon!
There’s enough there to keep even the most demanding feline happy. If Pinot Meow and the rest don’t seem strange enough, there is also wine for dogs!  

Is there Pinot Meow for dogs?

Apollo Peak cares about man’s best friend, too, so of course there is dog wine! Why not treat Rover to a special wine for dogs, such as:
  • The ZinfanTail, a dog rosé wine;
  • CharDOGnay, a Chardonnay substitute for your canine companion, and;
  • Malbark, something akin to a Malbec wine for dogs!

3 reasons to buy Pinot Meow for your cat (and wine for your pet generally!)

Cat wine and dog wine may seem frivolous or ridiculous, but we think you should take wine for your pet seriously. Instead of laughing or shrugging off Apollo Peak’s wines, here are three good reasons to actually get out and buy ‘em!

1. Don’t drink wine alone

Wine is a social drink, and it’s just not so much fun to drink by yourself. Drinking wine with family or friends is a pleasurable occasion, full of good spirits and lively conversation. Tasting wine together is a fun way to learn more about wine. However, it’s not always easy to get people together. Sometimes you just want to relax with a glass of wine in front of the TV, or while reading a good book. These solitary moments can be transformed into something social by grabbing some Pinot Meow or other cat wine and treating your cat. Straight away, it ceases to be you drinking alone and becomes a party!

2. It’s classy

The appearance of class and sophistication is important. You wouldn’t want to be considered as uncouth or uncivilised, so you like to drink fine wine and eat good food. You wear nice clothes and you drive a nice car. These things are important. You don’t want to look like a slob Why damn your poor cat to that fate, when you can instantly make his or her life totally classy with a little bottle of Pinot Meow or Catbernet!

3. Your cat deserves it

C’mon, life as a cat can be pretty tough. They sleep around 18 hours a day, why not make the remaining six as pleasurable as possible? Treat your furry pal to a glass of The Moscato or The Pinot Meow to show he or she how much you care!   Have you ever bought Pinot Meow or any other wine for cats? Tell us about your experience!  

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