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Pedro Ximénez (PX), the quintessential Generoso
Pedro Ximenez (PX) is a fortified wine made with the grape variety of the same name. Its production is based on the overripe of the grapes under the intense Summer sun in Andalusia. These extra ripened grapes are pressed, fermented and the resulting wine is aged under the traditional Sherry solera method. The next step is the fortification, i. e. , adding wine alcohol up to a total volume of 15%. This fortified wine shows unique aromas of raisins, molasses and nuts, combined with a great smoothness and silkness on the palate. Due to its high degree of residual sugar (430 to 450 grams per litre), it is best served cold. It's a great wine to drink on its own or as a dessert in itself. Obviously it pairs perfectly with desserts (chocolate, ice cream, pastry, etc), but also, for example, with blue-veined cheeses. In terms of its conservation, it is noteworthy that, because of its long process of oxidation during production, the PX is very stable. Once opened, re-cover and store. The remaining wine will be prefectly preserved in the bottle in a cool, dark place for a few months. In we recommend the following PX: Pedro Ximénez Una Vida Pedro Ximénez Virgilio
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