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Pairing great wine enhances fabulous dishes & wonderful memories
Correct pairing of food with wine is an art that food connoisseurs have wonderfully and enticingly conjured up in presenting their culinary skills. Their unmatched innovations in this regard are sure-fire. Taking their baton, thousands of chefs worldwide match wines with a range of matching cuisines that food lovers all over the world appreciate. In fact, their choices of wines that pair with their dishes are many, but wines from Spain are exceptional because of their high quality and fantastic taste variety. Often the mention of “bouquet” brings to mind floral scents, but in wine tasting it actually does not have anything to do with flowers or their scents. It refers to the aromas that arise from the chemistry of fermentation and the aging of a wine. Six major aromas are present in wine that is actually the various compounds reminiscent of floral aromas. Getting to know them is beneficial in pairing to compare and add contrast.  

Pairing Montilla wine

Chefs and sommeliers at famous hotels and restaurants pair Spanish wines, sherry, with exotic Asian food items. Sherry includes the fortified varieties such as Montilla that provide its sippers with a range of tastes from the refreshingly bitter to a rich sweetness soaked with a tingling dryness. It is not only with tapas and its relative cuisine but also with other Asian food marvels such as tempura and sushi and a variety of cheeses that Sherry gets paired well thus providing an excellent gastronomic journey for discerning diners.

Pairing Sherry excellently with exotic seafood

Spanish wine and seafood such as oysters, clams, shrimps and crabs match wonderfully well, to name a just a few. Many experienced food lovers know that wine and seafood are the best to energise them on a chilly day. Another excellent variety of Sherry, Fino, that provide a little weighty and drier taste for its sippers is also a good match for a variety of cuisines, especially with Japanese dishes. Many love to have dry versions of Amontillado with cuisines such as organ meats, risotto as well as cheeses.

Fantastic menu enhancer - Oloroso

Another good wine which many prefer pairing with nuts while reading is Oloroso. The enriching tastes with its sweet and dry varieties. It does not mean that Oloroso, both dry and sweet, does not match with other menus such as a dish of game meats or a gorgeous course of set menus. Of course, expert chefs know how to match Oloroso wines with rich menus that can satiate the taste buds of the most experienced global gastro connoisseurs.

Pairing Cava from Catalonia

A kind of international champagne, Cava from Catalonia, Spain, encourages diners to indulge in a culinary adventure by pairing them with a variety of cuisines. Many chefs prefer serving Cava along with Thai and Chinese dishes. In fact, Cava is a great match with Mexican traditional dishes as well as Asian cuisines like sushi and tapas. Many of the Spanish food creations go along with Cava varieties.

White wines are excellent menu enhancers

Enhance the taste of a range of cuisines fabulously with white wines. In Spain, white wines have taken centre stage at dining occasions for decades. White wines give a fresh taste with lime juice or any other suitable mineral additions. Both as an accompaniment to a variety of dishes or singularly, sipping a glass of white wine can make diners vibrant from many aspects. Apart from going along very well with Spanish dishes, Spanish white wines copiously match up with Western menus as well. A brand of white wine, Rias Baixas, now holds many of Western liquor consumers in delight since it opens them access to pairing a variety of set menus either meat or vegetarian.  

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