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Nuvo, L’Esperit from Paris
In the last months we have been noticed how, more and more, the presence of vodka at the Spanish bars is bigger and the number of followers of this drink has a constant increase. For this reason, today we want to talk about Nuvo, a different an original concept of vodka that it is advertised as l’Esperit from Paris. Nuvo Vodka is a mixture of Premium French vodka triply distilled, infused with a French sparkling wine made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and natural fruit nectar. This eye-catching drink has been created by Raphael Yakoby, the father of Hpnotiq, another innovative drink that once was named as "the Blue Champagne". The mixture of Premium vodka, French sparkling wine and exotic fruit nectar, turns Nuvo into a brand new experience with a more different flavour than usual. The first thing that any consumer notices is that it has a striking bright pink colour. Besides, Nuvo offers on nose scents of ripe fruit and it is fresh, fruity and softly citric on palate. It has an alcohol content of 15%. It is an ideal drink to be enjoyed on the rocks or cold in a champagne glass.
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