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Matsu, Trilogy Wine

From the appellation of origin Toro, concrete at the Bodega Matsu, an innovative idea has been developed: The Wein-Trilogy. This consists of El Pícaro (the rascal), El Recio (the strong) and El Viejo (the old man).

What better than connecting the wines with the age of the people? A picture with the characteristics of the age is on each bottle. For the pictures no models were used, but people who in fact dedicate themselves to agriculture, in order to pay tribute to the wine.

El Pícaro stands for the younger generation, and represents the young, strong, bold, cheeky and uncontrollable man. A wine made of dark purple grape, indicating its youthfulness. It is a fresh but complex wine.

El Recio combines the strength of youth with the experience of age, and thus expresses strength and serenity. A full-bodied wine with a great finesse.

El Viejo, rated by Neal Martin with 94 Parker points. "Without a doubt, a demanding Toro red wine, the old gentleman on the label would this surely give its consent". "It has a beautifully defined bouquet, with the scents of oak and the purity of black fruit, both integrated with style and class. On the palate, soft and silky, a mild finish with black fruits and hints of licorice, spices and cloves".

Matsu is far more than just a bodega, it is a modern project with sustainable viticulture, with an expressive collection.

All their wines are environmentally friendly, the vineyards grow in a natural way, biodynamic viticulture and with great respect for the nature.

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