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Macán, the wines of Rothschild and Vega Sicilia. Selection of vintages
At Invinic Luxuy Wines we love to offer our customers and friends the best wines with a selection of vintages. It is essential to appreciate wines in their proper time.....and that means time and rest. When two of the big families from the wine world come together (Benjamin Rotschild and Vega Sicilia), then the result is the Macán. This word is like the people of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, because the inhabitants of this wine village are called ("Macanes"). In fact the Macán is a tool that was used in antiquity for the vineyard, similar to what today is a hoe. This project arose at the beginning of the XXI century, in the mountains of the Sierra Cantabria, specifically in the municipalities of San Vicente and Labastida (Rioja). Currently it has over a hundred hectares of Tempranillo, of which 70 are used for wine making. For twelve years they worked with patience and dedication, so that the necessary quality could be achieved, with which these wines are produced: the Macán Clásico and Macán Reserva. Both wines have a similar profile, the ageing is done in new barrels of French oak. After a period of time a decision is made by a tasting whether the wine can be bottled or not; if the quality should not be sufficient for the first wine, the Macán Reserva, then it is used for the Macan Clásico. We are sure that the union Benjamin Rothschild - Vega Sicilia will bring excellent wines, and this also means a boost for one of the best wine regions of the world: La Rioja. We, all the wine lovers, are pleased with this union, regardless of our taste and our preferences.
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