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Luis Gutiérrez, a new addition to Robert Parker
On April 23, the Publishing Director for Robert Parker, Lisa Perrotti-Brown, announced two new additions to its Reviewer's team: the Italian Mónica Larner, who will be in charge of the wine reviews in Italy and Luis Gutiérrez, responsible for ratings in Spain, Chile and Argentina.
Luis, who previously had worked at a major multinational in Madrid, can finally devote himself full time to his life passion: the wine. This passion goes back a long way, since 2000 he has been writing different articles for, which awarded him the 2012 National Gastronomy Award for the best journalistic work by the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy.
The international recognition came thanks to his work as a correspondent for in Spain and his co-authorship of "The Finest Wines of Rioja and Northwest of Spain" for which he also received the André Simon 2011 award.
At INVINIC, we welcome the good news and would like to wish Luis Gutiérrez the best of luck.
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