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K5 Wineries: A solid project with good prospects
Today we want to talk about the K5 Wineries, a project which started in 2005 thanks to the collaboration of the famous Basque chef Karlos Arguiñano with a group of friends and professionals in order to produce a Txakolina 100% Hondarribi Zuri. The winery is located near Zarautz, at Aia, and has been design by the eminent arquitechts Alonso & Balaguer. The firm Kukuxumusu has designed the original and personal labels. It owns five years old vineyards with low production vineyards, but of excellent quality. The slate terroir protects the roots of the vines and maintains the moisture levels stable. The climate is mild and humid, and the proximity of the sea has an influence on the climate with morning mist and on the ripening of the grapes. The wine K5 Argiñano Txakolina 2010 is made from Hondarribi Zuri 100%, a native grape variety grown in the Basque Country. The alcoholic fermentation and the aging over its lees takes place in stainless steel tanks. The amazing fact is that whereas txakolí is usually drunk within a year, K5 Argiñano Txakolina 2010 has potential enough to maintain its quality during 3-4 years. K5 Argiñano Txakolina 2010 is a wine with a great personality, which as a pale yellow colour. On nose, it offers subtle fresh, fruity, mineral and herbaceous reminiscences with citrus hints. On palate, it is fresh, pleasant, tasty, it has good acidity, and a lingering final. No doubt that this wine is an interest proposal to keep our eyes on it.
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