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How to Use the ParkersGuide Like a Pro
Robert Parker has excellent taste in wine. Well, not only does our website stock many of the bottles which he rates, but we’ve included his score next to them too, so you can see just how good the vino really is. Ingeniously, you can also search and filter those wines by specific categories. That doesn’t just mean you’ll get a really good bottle of wine, but the absolute best possible wine available for your needs. We have the technology. Simply open up the ParkersGuide, and learn how to get the most from our website.  

Using ParkersGuide to Find the Best Possible Wine

Life is too short for bad wine. So you’ll be pleased to know that all of the wines in our ParkersGuide have scored at least 80 points, which means they’re all pretty darn amazoid, but look at the ‘Order Results By’ feature. Now find the ‘rating’ area and select ‘highest to lowest’. Instantly, you’re delivered the handful of wines which have a legendary score of 100 Parker points. Top of the list at the time of writing is Viña El Pisón. If you ever wanted to try Tempranillo at its very best, this is it. It is superlatively balanced, with such a depth of flavour it’s like your tongue does a bunjee jump into a vat of red fruit.

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Finding the Cheapest Wines in ParkersGuide

Of course quality tends to be expensive. Unless you filter the results from ‘Low to High’, and suddenly, you see all the wines with 80+ Parker points that have the lowest prices. You’ve struck bargain territory. At the moment Protocolo Red is the cheapest bottle going at €3.25. €3.25! In most British pubs, you couldn’t even buy a pint of lager with that! Yet it has 85 Parker Points, not to mention 85 from the Wine Spectator and 87 from Guía Peñín. If you know how to use the ParkersGuide, you find some absolute steals.

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The Most Popular Wines in ParkersGuide

Ever heard of the ‘wisdom of crowds’? It’s real, and you can benefit from it too by selecting the ‘Sales’ section of the ParkersGuide. On doing so, you’ll see the wines which are the most popular with all of our customers, which tells you which bottles are genuine crowd pleasers. In the number one slot is Castillo Perelada Brut Reserva. It’s easy to see why so many have fallen for this inexpensive sparkling Cava, which also has dazzling customer reviews alongside what wine critics have to say for it.

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The Newest Wines in ParkersGuide

Some wines are meant to be drunk young. For instance, Crianza and Beaujolais are two youthful styles of wine which are best consumed as close to their year of production as possible. Filtering results by how new an arrival is ensures that you can catch this sort of wine at its freshest, and of course, see what exciting new bottles have just been released. For those reading in 2017, El Porro Verde 2016 is a great example of a fresh Verdejo, with a lovely aromatic nose and crisp acidity.

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The Golden Oldies of ParkersGuide

Of course, the best wine improves with age. Filtering results from oldest to youngest will show you those wines which have being given sufficient time to develop complexity and attain balance. With a little judicious choosing, you can find an excellently matured bottle. Our supply of Château Margaux 1964 is a classic, and an example of a cult wine, as only a few are able to say that they have sampled it.

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More About Robert Parker:

If you’re still wondering why the word of Robert Parker matters so much, read ‘Why Robert Parker is Like a Jedi Master of Wine’. The article details the career and approach of the most important figure in wine journalism of the last 50 years.  

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