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How to use a giant wine decanter glass (and other alternatives)
Do you own a wine decanter? There are many good reasons to decant wine more often, though it can be difficult to convince some people to actually buy one. One reason that people may be averse to owning a decanter is a fear of being considered a wine snob. A traditional decanter can appear very decadent indeed, even ostentatious, when displayed in a cabinet or on a shelf. Decanters can range from very basic models to hugely elaborate pieces of glassware. Even the most devoted wine lover may not want their friends and family to think that they have crossed over into wine bore territory. If you fall into that category, don’t worry: We have come up with a number of alternatives that you can use to decant your wine in peace without fear. Our favourite is the wine decanter glass - the oversized wine glass-style decanter - though we have some other ideas too!  

Buy a wine decanter glass

The nice thing about the wine decanter glass is that it looks like a giant wine glass. Hell, it could be a giant wine glass! What could be more fun than drinking from such an oversized novelty glass like that? The truth is that wine decanter glasses can decant your wine just as good as more traditional models, without looking overly flashy or posh. In fact, more and more trendy wine bars throughout the world are using these funky glasses to decant and serve wine. Keep an eye out and you’ll be sure to spot them soon. Among the other benefits of the wine decanter glass are that:
  • It’s easy to use. Seriously. Some of the more complex models can be a little tricky, but the oversized wine decanter glass is seriously simple. Pour the wine into the decanter glass, swirl gently if you like or simply leave for a little while, and then pour from the decanter into your normal-sized glass. Most of these decanters have a little jug-style lip so pouring is super easy.
  • It’s a talking point. Instead of your friends thinking you have become an unrelenting wine snob, they will spot your eye-catching giant wine decanter glass and instantly want to know more. Tell them the truth, make up a fantastic story, whatever: In any event, people are talking and the party has started!
  • It’s easy to clean. Traditional decanters are notoriously difficult to keep clean and sparkly. Not the case with your giant wine decanter glass. There are no hard-to-reach parts or narrow tubes, what you see if what you get. If you can clean a wine glass, you can clean this thing!

Alternatives to consider instead of a wine decanter glass

OK, let’s say that the oversized wine decanter glass is not quite unconventional enough for your liking, or you don’t actually own a decanter and you need to decant a fancy old wine (or not so fancy young wine!) very quickly. We have gathered a number of alternative methods to decant wine without a decanter, though be warned that these are pretty out there. Proceed with caution!
  • Use any large clear glass vessel. This one is straightforward and safe enough. Take any large, clean and clear piece of glassware like a jug. Decant as normal.
  • Alternatively, you could use something non-glass or non-clear, but be careful that it’s clean and that the material is neutral and won’t impart any unusual or unpleasant flavours on the wine.
  • Decant your wine with a blender. This one is definitely unconventional, though it’s certainly creative! We’re not sure that we could really recommend this one for your finer wines, but it could be a worthwhile experiment with a younger wine of lower quality that is a little harsh or closed.
  What other alternative decanting methods do you have? We’d love to hear about them!  

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