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Gin & Tonic, separately or together?
Well, however you want, the truth is that together they are one of the few combinations that have a proper name (Gintonic). But let us know a little about the history of these drinks: Johann Jacob Schweppes in 1783 invents an effective system with which to introduce bubbles of carbon dioxide in the water bottled in bottles. The company that created, as you imagine, is nothing more and nothing less than Schweppes, which it established in London, although it was not until 1870 that the company decided to include quinine in carbonated orange soda to produce the tonic. The gin originated in Schiedam, Holland, where they obtained this alcoholic beverage from 30% malted barley and cereals, which after being distilled was flavored with berries of juniper and other herbs. It is known that the first recipe of Dutch gin dates from the seventeenth century where a professor at the University of Medicine in Leiden tried to obtain a remedy for gallstones and kidney conditions by mixing the components we mentioned earlier. It was called Genievre (juniper in French). The product became popular and people started calling it Genever. And why the mix? As a celebration, as British troops began to mix the tonic with the gin to celebrate their victories in India. Another version of gintonic is that it is born due to the properties of quinine to combat malaria. The British soldiers displaced to India began to combine the tonic with the gin to be able to improve the flavor of the first one. After many years, different types of tonic and gin continue to be manufactured, of which we recommend the following:


Geneva Hendricks, Geneva Citadelle, Geneva Jonge Bols (Young) and Geneva Bulldog.


Boylan Tonic, Fentimans Tonic Water, Indian Fever Tree and Q Tonic   Have you tried any of the ones we suggest? Which do you like?
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