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Get a prize for every purchase!
We are very happy to present our new rewards program that we are launching today, March 12, 2018.

How does it work?

Very easy, for every valid purchase you make in our INVINIC wine shop, we will refund a percentage of it in your customer account. Later, when you think it's appropriate, you can exchange all the money accumulated in your account for a discount coupon that you can use to buy any product from our extensive catalogue of wines, spirits and wine accessories. The percentage of the purchase that will accumulate in your account will be 5% (shipping costs excluded), although we will make promotional actions that will increase this percentage... so do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you do not miss any offers! In the product page and in the shopping cart you will be able to check the discount that accumulates in each moment INVINIC Rewards Program Remember that the money owned in your account is valid for 6 months from the date you receive it, so you will no longer have an excuse to buy wine more often, or to give wine on a special occasion. We hope you like this new system! It is our way of thanking you for the trust you place in us day by day. If you want more information about the INVINIC rewards program please check here the T&C. Buy now and start accumulating money!
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