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Ferrer Bobet 2010 "The Desired"
One of the most eagerly awaited vintages since the end of 2012, Ferrer Bobet 2010 is finally in the market and it promises to be, as it happened before, one of the benchmarks of the DOQ Priorat. The winery is located in an idyllic area between Falset and Porrera on the East side of the Priorat. The centenary Grenache and Carignan vineyards are plated in soils with a high content of licorella enjoying an optimal tilt and height so that, year after year, they produce a very well balanced grape, hard to match in quality, intensity and flavour. The winery displays one of the most modern designs in the region, a crescent-shaped building perfectly integrated into the landscape and equiped to allow the whole elaboration process to be gravity-led. The Ferrer Bobet 2010 maintains the typical coupage of previous years, mainly composed of the two insignia varieties in the region: Carignan and Grenache. The grapes are harvested by hand in 10-kilo crates before undergoing a meticulous grape-by-grape selection. The fermentation takes place in wooden and stainless-steel tanks and later aged, for approximately 15 months, in French oak barrels. One of the things that stands out about 2010 vintage is that it has been colder than 2009. For this reason, according to Raül Bobet, the winery's winemaker, the wine has an extra touch of freshness and depth. In the glass, the wine shows an attractive and intense ruby colour, followed by notes of black ripe fruit and hints of spices, graphite and incense. It is silky in the palate, complex and balanced, with a fresh finish that adds character and length.
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