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English Wine Week 2017: What's it all about?
You may have heard of English Wine Week, the annual celebration of English wine. Organised each year by English Wine Producers, the week-long campaign aims to highlight the best of English wine. English Wine Week 2017 will take place between the 27th of May and 4th of June, and will feature a range of events across the country. English sparkling wine is more popular than ever and will surely be a large focal point of the festivities. English wine does not enjoy the levels of fame and critical acclaim of Spanish wine or French wine, but its popularity is growing. Quality levels are constantly rising too.  

What is English Wine Week?

English Wine Week is a national campaign held across England each year, whose aim is to raise awareness for the country’s wine industry. Participants include English wineries, retailers, restaurants, sommeliers and more. The week is all about spreading the word of English wine, and this is done through a variety of fun, interesting and educational events. The timing of the event is lined up with the beginning of England’s summer tourist season, making it perfect for those visiting from Spain, France and elsewhere.  

English Wine Week events

The events of English Wine Week can vary from one year to another, but obviously English wine is the centre of attention. Some of the most popular events of recent years have included:
  • Vineyard open days, where English wine producers open their doors and welcome visitors. Wine tourism is more commonly associated with Bordeaux, Rioja and the Napa Valley, but English vineyards are well worth visiting, particularly during English Wine Week. Open days (or visits by appointment) are a great way to learn about winegrowing, how wine is made, and - most importantly - how it tastes!
  • In-store tastings and events, often collaborations between English wineries and wine retailers. Consumers can visit their favourite wine stores and have the opportunity to taste English wines, and often to meet the people behind the wine. Part of the charm of English Wine Week is that the winemakers will often be present at these tasting events, and will be all too happy to share their knowledge and passion!
  • English Wine Week special offers, either in-store or at the winery, can allow consumers to buy English wines at special discount prices. Individual outlets will have their own offers (though not all stores or wineries will offer such discounts), but this is a great time to shop around and snap up a bargain in English wine.

Attending English Wine Week

So, are you going to English Wine Week 2017? If you live in England, keep an eye out for promotional material as English Wine Week approaches. Talk to your local wine merchants. If you live outside England and are planning on travelling for English Wine Week, consult the English Wine Producers website.   Have you ever been to English Wine Week? Are you attending this year? Tell us about your experience below!  

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