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Educating your nose
Can you recognize wooden, red fruit or toasty aromas in a wine? When wine lovers open a bottle to taste it we hope to find a wide range of aromas ready to stimulate our senses. However, sometimes we realize that our nose cannot detect some of the aromas the way other more experimented people can. When tasting a wine, it is not only a matter of having an amazing nose. Needless to say that having a special sensitivity will help us but it is even more important to receive an education. We must exercise our nose to be able to recognize a great diversity of aromas. There are several ways of training your nose. We propose the 40 aromas collection by Pulltex which proposes a learning system of 40 aromas in crystal bottles to help us differentiate the different scents that can be found in wines. Pulltex aromas case is a useful tool for those willing to educate their nose.
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