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Edgerton Pink Gin, the pink gin
Edgerton Pink Gin as the name says is precisely a pink gin boasting to be one of the not so many gins currently distilled and bottled in London. Although the producer remarks that the colour comes from the pomegranate used to give its pink colour, the distilling is always colourless; hence we might think that the colour is an extract added in a posterior phase. Behind this unique gin we find the company producing London Nº1 – widely known for its blue color- willing to experiment now with new tonalities. In its aromatization, Edgerton contains 14 botanical ingredients: juniper berries, coriander, angelica, orris root, orange peel and lemon, cassia bark, cinnamon, almond and nutmeg. It is worth mentioning that 14 of the botanical ingredients are also used in the London Nº1. The only difference is that, instead of bergamot and gardenia, Edgerton uses paradise grains and damiana – a Mexican herb given to new weds in their honeymoon – chosen due to its smoky-mint hints. In nose, it is a floral gin with fruity notes and a delicate juniper scent. In the palate it is fruity and floral with an orange final and a bitter aftertaste. It has recently landed in Spain and we think it is a versatile gin to experiment with and do different and unique cocktails.
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