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Discover our selection Torbreck
Torbreck Vintners is one of Australia's best, may be even one of the best wineries in the world when it comes to cultivating and elaborating wines from the Shiraz variety (a.k.a. Syrah in other parts of the world). Since Robert Parker began awarding Torbreck with excellent notes and comments, rumors imply that every winery in Australia tried to imitate the "Torbreck way", in an attempt to obtain similar wines and therefore similar scores from Robert Parker. Time, however, put things finally in their place and, despite Parker's well known fondness for certain wines, it is nonetheless true that Torbreck's have a highly international recognition that goes beyond the favorable, well-deserved notes from the Wine Advocate year after year. If you haven't yet discovered the Torbreck wines, we bring you probably one of the most extensive on-line selection from this extraordinary winery. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy some of the best wines in the world. We definitely recommend you to take a look at Juveniles 2009, one of the best values in store.
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