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Cava and nougat

That cava is the favourite sparkling as a companion for the nougat at Christmas time is all a fact. But now, which is best to combine with such sweet desserts?

There are many types of cavas depending on the aging time and on their sugar content. Thus, we could find Semiseco cava, Brut, BrutNature, Reserva, Gran Reserva, and so on... Brut and Brut Nature are usually chosen to accompany the vast majority of nougats after Christmas dinner. Is it therefore the correct pairing?

In recent years we have become accustomed to take, mostly with all dishes, sparkling Brut and Brut Nature, but this practice is not the most correct one. A Brut cava with a touch of acidity and fruity flavour is ideal to accompany appetizers and starters such as seafood or fish. However, for meat dishes and roasts of further elaboration we should choose a Brut Nature Cava or a Gran Reserva of certain aging and which provide more body. Finally, for dessert time -and more to the point in the case of nougat-, the best choice is a sweet or semi-sparkling wine that offers the neccessary freshness and smoothness for the after lunch time or for dinner time.

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